Tips on using Alumisol soft plastic

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Tips on using Alumisol soft plastic

Postby aka anglinarcher » Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:18 pm

I wanted to post a couple of things that I have learned to help people some when using the plastisol products. Maybe this will get more responses and ideas from others.

I started making plastic/rubber worms in the early 80's. I had good results, but not great. I believe that the products have improved a lot, but they are not fool proof. OK, they are not me me proof. :lol:

1) Warming Plastisol too fast will burn it. OK, that may be obvious, but most of the time we see this as yellowing first. Using a stove top or hot plate is the easiest way I know to heat it too fast. A microwave is the better way to go for me, but, I find that I prefer to use 80% power and a working turn table is a must. Adding heat stabilizer is a good idea if you are going to melt the plastic several times but it is still best to make sure you have a working turn table and keep the power down a little. Short heating times and frequent stirring is also a must.

2) When I grew up, taking Chemistry in High School was required. I remember that Pyrex was perfect. You could heat it with a flame, even a torch, then take it straight to ice water to cool it. This was because Pyrex was made with Borosilicate glass, very heat stable. What I have discovered is that Pyrex and microwave safe glass that you often purchase today is made of Soda LIme glass. Soda Lime glass is not very heat stable. In fact, Pyrex brand no longer uses Soda Lime glass on their US made glass.

I have had problems, after several heat cycles, with the glass breaking in the microwave oven. This was not fun. :x

To fix the problem I have done my research. You can order scientific lab beakers made of Borosilicate Glass (often under the name Pyrex but not made by Pyrex). I got 4 of them from a supplier in Canada (the thicker wall griffin style) for about $2.50 a piece. I paid more then that for the Soda Lime stuff I kept breaking.

I also found a silicone measuring cup (well a two cup measuring cup). It was more money, but I love it. I have not used it long enough to prove it has no problems, but so far, I do love it. :idea:

OK, now that I have started this, maybe others will chime in on this one as well.
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