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NEW Registration - Approval Now Required

Postby dahlberg » Tue Jun 19, 2007 11:49 pm

Its seems that the spammers and miscreants of the world have it out for this board. They've gone crazy posting irrelevent, inappropriate, and excessive content.
Many good security procedures have been implemented, but of course if there was an easy, fix-all solution we all wouldn't continue to get spam in our email would we?

Effective immediately, all new registrations will require administrative approval. This is incredibly mundane and irritating, but should all but eliminate the problem. In order to approve a new registration, I will require 3 criteria be met:

1. A real email address must be used to validate your true existance.
2. Your Location (City, State/Province, Country) must be filled in.
3. No Website link will be allowed. All registrations containing a link to a website will not be approved and if added later, deleted and banned.

I think these security procedures should help.

If anyone has any other helpful ideas, please don't hesitate to comment!


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