How about an eel Whiggley?

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How about an eel Whiggley?

Postby Cal » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:13 am

Hey Larry,

Starting to get back in circulation, now that my health is coming back. Never, ever let anyone tell you dialysis is anything but a great thing. I feel better than I have in 4 years.

I'm thinking of trying to create my version of Mr. Whiggley, but I want to try and pattern it after an eel. I don't mean the typical jerkbait, but an actual facsimile of an American eel. In the spring, trout and redfish down here feed on emergent sand eels and elvers. I thought it would make an interesting experiment.

I'm just wondering if I should keep the plastisol formulation in it's "out of the jug" consistency, or load it up with softener. Is there any other way to get the "slinky" action of an eel, or does the forked tail of the original Whiggley give it that action? I am going to try and keep the entire design around 6 inches.

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Re: How about an eel Whiggley?

Postby Mike - Alumilite » Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:57 am

The straight out of the jug hardness is pretty firm.

More than likely ... you are going to want to add some Softener to dial it in.

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Re: How about an eel Whiggley?

Postby dahlberg » Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:44 pm

I think it will be pretty easy, make it like a slow tapering sausage in front and you should be able to make the "tail" portion begin to flatten behind the gill area and taper it back like an eel. To reduce tearing off the hook, you can make the head out of hardened and the rest of softened Alumisol. Just hold the mold head down to set up and only pour enough to fill the head. after a minute or two it will set up enough not to sag when vertical and you can pour the remainder.
good luck,
glad you're feeling better!
Larry Dahlberg
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