Muskie relocated?

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Muskie relocated?

Postby Caja » Wed Oct 28, 2020 8:18 pm

Not an expert on muskie, they were native to North Carolina Mountains the French Broad River which has been used for mill and power industries, pollution erased the muskie presence early 1900's. Reintroducing muskie to native areas in 80's but there previously habit had been changed and the use of natural flood plains of backwater river wetland gone. The NC Wildlife has been studying and in the process of restoring natural flood plains and has a cold water muskie hatchery. Rogue Muskie can be found down steam of Mountain Lakes as far as 100 miles they can withstand floods and go over 5 to 10 dams durning during extreme flooding. I do not think they are reproducing outside of native areas. Found this video interesting, any thoughts Larry?
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Re: Muskie relocated?

Postby dahlberg » Thu Oct 29, 2020 1:40 pm

For me the video sort of Went on and on, but I think it's a simple story of stuffing a big fertile lake with muskies, leaving them alone until they were in the mid forty inch range then beating the snot out of them. I first fished it for ski's in the mid, late 1980's while filming walleye stuff at InFisherman. Watched it go up and down.
Now spearing will be an issue. Lake still has some giants for sure, but not crawling with them in crazy unnatural numbers like before!
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