Glacial lake northerns on Cape cod

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Glacial lake northerns on Cape cod

Postby RhettWheeler » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:55 am

Good morning Larry-

Recently discovered a few lakes on Cape Cod that hold large northerns (rumor has it some good tiger muskies as well)

My past experience was find the weeds and you’ll find the pike for the most part. The lake I’m planning on fishing in the spring has very scant vegetation and more so a sand and rubble bottom composition. I must admit I don’t have much experience with northerns and they were usually by catch when targeting big bass.

The lake is roughly 646 acres with the average depth of 14’ max depth to around 40’ with at least 10’ of visibility straight down. There do seem to be several points near drop offs on the lake too might I add.

On the south end is a run where herring and alewives come to spawn.

My question is if there isn’t much vegetation what should I target for the northerns? I think there are some good lay down timber here and there. Should I set up outside of the various runs and feeder creeks? What are your go to pike tactics for ice out in your neck of the woods? Also what are some of your go to early spring pike baits?
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Re: Glacial lake northerns on Cape cod

Postby dahlberg » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:21 pm

Look for them sneaking up onto the sand near where the bait is spawning. They get more and more active as the water and their bodies warm.
Jigs, soft plastic when they're inactive, tons of other choices otherwise..single blade spinnerbait with shad body always good.single hook always a plus. sometimes large jerkbaits are good to sort out the bigger specimens. On deeper rock (good late post spawn location sometimes) I've done well with crankbaits that run 12 -14 feet.
good luck!
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