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Circle hooks, offset verses not offset?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:20 pm
by aka anglinarcher
I am pretty sure that your show is what got me started on circle hooks. I am not a complete fan of them, but for bait on species that take the bait and move off, they sure are great. They have made for safe releases on a lot of my fish, and made unhooking fish so much easier. I bet I would like them more if I was more of a bait fisherman. LOL

Here is my question, I had not even noticed that I have some "offset" circle hooks and some that just say circle hooks. Sure enough, I see just a little offset from the shank on the "offset" hooks, but not much. What are the pro's and con's of the different styles?

Re: Circle hooks, offset verses not offset?

PostPosted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 5:48 am
by dahlberg
The offset style are thought by some to increase hook up ratios, they are however illegal in most billfish competitions. The whole point, pardon the pun, of a circle hook is to slide until it finds a corner to wrap around then the leverage from the hook shank rotates the hook point through what ever it was wrapped around.
By creating an offset, the hook point can catch in soft flesh or what ever it scrapes against and catches, which may result in a gut or throat or gill hooked fish. Thus defeating the purpose of using a circle hook!

Re: Circle hooks, offset verses not offset?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:59 am
by aka anglinarcher
Thanks Larry,

I wonder what they created the "off set" circle hooks for? Seems like it defeats the entire purpose.

Circle hooks offset verses not offset

PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:39 am
by MichaelPaw
Just because they call it a circle hook doesnt mean its a "True" circle hook... a lot of companies jump on the circle hook band wagon once people starting using them and
states started enforcing their use... BUT if you look at the rule books they say to use "Inline" circle hook not offset... an offset is made to catch onto anything once the fish starts
moving... a true Inlinenon-offset circle hook will catch the corner of the mouth almost all the time...

True circle hooks are very unlikely to gut hook a game fish even if he take it down deep in his throat... offset circles IMO are worthless and you might as well be using a J hook and
save your money... Whats funny is a lot of people dont like using True circles because they lose fish... but most of the time they are using too small of a hook because of the gap and
also the hook buries itself into the bait and it just slips out....

Now I know a lot of people who use offset and still get good hook ups... but IMO they have a "Feel" of when to set the hook and more than likely are always holding the rod/reel ....
I have to admit I have use offset at times and never had a problem with gut hooking them.... like anything else it takes time to get the feel down