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Sharpies and more

Postby saltyham04 » Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:48 pm

First off, thanks for putting all of this in one place! I am having so much fun and success making my own lures. If only I could have made some of these while I was growing up in Musky country. It has turned my fly tying desk into a "fly tying" room.

I've got a couple questions:
I've been having a blast decorating my plugs with Sharpies markers but am having a problem with the spray on clear coat making the sharpies run and smudge. What do you suggest for a clear coat? Does anyone make a UV gloss clear coat....extra deadly?

Can the clear alumilite be dyed at all?
Can you use microballons with the clear?
If not, is there a way to make clear top water?

Is there one good website to order all the hooks and split rings and things?
Is there a good saltwater hook out there that won't break the bank?

Wow, that's a ton of free information I'm asking for.
Here's a form of payment: October New Moon in northern Wisconsin

Thanks again!
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Re: Sharpies and more

Postby Mike - Alumilite » Wed Mar 11, 2015 6:45 pm

Visit and you can find two options for clear coats:
Amazing Clear Cast - slow cure, 2 part epoxy - overnight cure
AlumiUV - black light or UV light cure system - less than 5 minutes
Both can be dyed.

Yes you can use microballoons for the clear but they will add opacity ... first cloudy and then all out opaque white the more you add.

Clear top water lure would have to be hollow cast or rotationally cast. would be the place I would look for terminal tackle ... not sure if that's the best but at least an option. Others might have something better.

Mike - Alumilite
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Re: Sharpies and more

Postby saltyham04 » Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:00 am

Thanks Mike!

I figured the micro balloons would cloud the clarity.

What is the buoyancy of the regular clear alumilite? It seems that alumilite white is just a bit heavier than being neutrally buoyant?!? Does this hold true for the clear as well? When using the clear what is the best way to avoid air bubbles in the final product?

Thanks again for your help.
Any and all information would be appreciated.
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