Fall Lake Vermilion tips

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Fall Lake Vermilion tips

Postby Naterov » Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:05 am

Hi Larry,

Hope you're doing well. Just saw your photo on FB with Mojo and a dandy smallmouth. Interesting results on your smallmouth migration study! Was that study conducted on a lake, or river system?

Not really related to the above, but I was curious if you, or anyone else on here, would have a few general pointers to share with for me for fishing Lake Vermilion this fall - what to focus on, lures, colors, etc. I haven't fished Lake V for over 20 years now and I'm really looking forward to getting back up there. We'll be stationed on the west end of the lake and we'll be there the first full week of October. The primary fishing intent will be to try to hook into a musky, but smallmouth bass will be on the radar as well. I'm guessing, but not certain, we'll want to focus on reefs, points, find the bait fish, etc. for both the smallies and musky. I'm well covered in regards to smallmouth tackle, but being newer to musky fishing only have a handful of lures in my collection. I have a couple Buchertail spinners, a sub-surface 8" Wideglide, a pack of Mr. Whiggleys, a Whopper Plopper 190 and 130, a couple different Crane style stick baits, and a Believer crankbait. I can probably handle up to a 6oz, maybe 8oz lure with the rod I have. Anything else I should look at adding to my lure arsenal before heading up?

Any info, tips, suggestions, that you and anyone else would be willing to share would be appreciated! Thanks!


PS. Had a good flathead day on the Mississippi 5a last week even with the higher, faster water. Boated a 18, 24, and 35lb fish. Caught all 3 on fresh cut drum. Not even a sniff on live bait.
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Re: Fall Lake Vermilion tips

Postby dahlberg » Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:03 pm

With how crazy the weather is it's hard to say what October will bring. Sounds like you might need some big rubber, like Medusa or Dawgs, and maybe a few live suckers to round out your arsenal.
The tagging study I did on smallmouth was on a river system. It was extremely interesting and informative, but the best part was it led to legislation that made it illegal to kill fish in the section of river where they really piled up and it has created a much, much better fishery with the average fish nearly doubling in size over a period of a half dozen years or so!
Good luck, stay warm!
Larry Dahlberg
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