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I was fishing last fall on a lake that is drawn down before every winter. The water was very low and My uncle and I stumbled upon the mostly decayed carcas of a fish. It was a descent sized fish being roughly 24 - 30 inches long and it had large scales, roughly the size of a quarter or so. This led me to believe it was a carp, but upon further investigation, one of it's pectoral fins had a large spine. Again, carp have stiff pectoral fins, but this one had serrations on the back side. In fact, the fin was "U" shaped, the front being smooth and rounded, and both sides in the back having large serrations. The bone was roughly 3 or 4 inches long. I never knew of carp having serrated pectoral fins unless this feature is hidden by the flesh. I am a bit confused as to whether this fin belongs to a dead carp or something else. Any information into what I may have stumbled upon would be greatly appreciated. I have been rather curious about it since we stumbled upon it.

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