Painting Alumisol

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Painting Alumisol

Postby BarryA » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:17 pm


I'm making some swim baits from Alumisol and wanted to paint them with a two-tone chrome and blue paint scheme (to match a herring). What kind of paint should I use? I've tried various rattle cans from the local hardware store but the paint never seems to dry and doesn't adhere. I also wanted to add some streaks of red and black afterward with a fine paint brush.


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Re: Painting Alumisol

Postby dahlberg » Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:26 am

hi Barry
There are special paints which require serious ventilation designed for soft plastics that can be air brushed. After painting they are usually dipped in clear plastisol. You can also use the Copic ink spray marker system, which does not produce dangerous fumes. It however does not chemically bond with the plastisol and must be dipped in clear in order to be permanent.
If you check out the website tutorials you will see some options using Alumidust. Combined with either paint system, either dusted in the mold or after, it can produce awesome results.
The reflective silver is pretty tough if not impossible to achieve without laminating a reflective material inside the plastisol, which is a process I(for one) am still trying to perfect. Foil must stretch as much as plastic in order to not delaminate, hot plastisol destroys most foils..etc. I've had best, but limited success laminating foiled sili-skin(a product used for fly tying) under clear plastisol.
good luck with your project, and if the tutorial videos don't answer your questions let us know!
Larry Dahlberg
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