Two tone marlin lure head

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Two tone marlin lure head

Postby iumpierre » Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:16 am

I am making some marlin lures head and I want to try some effects. This are transucent resin head where the the upper or lower part of the lure have a different color line, simulating the darker color of the fish. How can I do that.
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Re: Two tone marlin lure head

Postby dahlberg » Sun Dec 11, 2016 8:19 am

hi ium!
so sorry for the late reply. actually I did reply earlier but the forum went down, got fixed, but your post got messed up. However, not lost!
I can think of three ways actually. One is to create your insert in the shape of a capital T and as wide as you can get away with comfortable in your mold. color the top of your insert jet black, or blue or with a pattern. The lens effect from the clear resin will make the top appear black.
A second solution is to pour in two pours with your mold in a horizontal position on the first pour. Pour your dark color first with the mold top side down and horizontal . you may have to "dam" it with something depending on your mold.
another way is to use Copic spray transparent dye then finish with a light coat of epoxy.
Let me know how it works out! Are you molding with clear epoxy or urethane for your heads? Just curious.
good luck! Have a Merry Christmas!
Larry Dahlberg
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