Seen while wading

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Seen while wading

Postby Questor » Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:51 am

I was fishing on the same grass flat as another guy a few weeks ago and he had his Black Lab retriever with him. I'd glance his way every once in a while and was impressed to see that the dog was always happily swimming near its master. Until the sharks showed up. Apparently the dog's splashing attracted some black tips. No harm done, but the guy got off the flat in a hurry. I can't say I was amused, but it is one of the more memorable things I've seen on the water while wading.
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Re: Seen while wading

Postby Shoremaster » Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:40 pm

No kidding, I remember back a few years ago the same thing happened to me on a well known flat in the keys. No I was no wading because I was in fact shark fishing and chumming heavily from the bank. This crazy lady who lived across the street from the flat came up to me with her retriever and asked if I was having any luck and I told her that I had the Lemons pretty fired up and had caught three in the six foot range. She looked at the stringer of cuda and bonita carcasses that I had suspended on a foam buoy about a hundred feet out and said she didn't see anything and than just let her pooch off the leash. The fool dog leaped off the rocks and into the waist deep water in time to spook about a 8-9 foot beast of a lemon as it was approaching the chum. Here's the funny part though, the lady told me that it was only a nurse. I just shook my head and told her to keep an eye on her pup as the lemon circled back around blazing a trail for the chum. I pitched my strip to him once her dog was a safe enough distance up into shallower water and the instant jaws went airborne throwing water and marl everywhere she called her dog back in. I never knew dogs could fly until that day. :lol:
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