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Postby Steve T » Fri May 27, 2011 4:11 pm

I'm really careful with my reels but out of the 4 baitcasters 3 have had to go back for repair or replacement. I won't mention the companies. (3 different ones) That wouldn’t be nice.

I have about 30 spinning reels and never a problem.

I can say that that one company repaired one reel under warranty it’s not 100 %) the other company totally replaced it under warranty. The 3rd one I sent it to them and explained it's only 3 months out of warranty and really has only has about 6 months of use. The fishing season isn't that long here in N.E. I hope they fix it for me. But back to the problem.

The first reel the spool release kept sticking down, the second reel (different company) a grinding noise and the spool release lever was sporadic, The third reel (yet another company) the worm gear of that pin that rides in the worm gear is messing up sticking to the left side causing the line to gather in one spot.

I open them up rinse, dry and oil them. I love bait casters but.........What the hell????
Steve T
Steve T
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Re: WHY!!!!

Postby dahlberg » Sun May 29, 2011 1:44 pm

Hi Steve,
I've been using baitcasters for over 50 years and, must admit that back in the old days I'd have to replace a pawl or two each year and the early ones were knuckle busters because they didn't have an anti reverse,(or free spool either!)
In the past dozen years or a little more, I've used Shimano Calcutta and Curado and, especially given the abuse they've taken, they have been amazingly trouble free. In fact, the first calcutta I got, a silver 200, still works perfectly and has never been opened or cleaned! The same is true of the first curados, they still work perfectly and I've never even cleaned them, except for a freshwater rinse after I've had them in saltwater.
Sorry to hear of your problems, but I'd guess if you were using the same reels as I do you would no longer have any problems!
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Re: WHY!!!!

Postby Questor » Tue May 31, 2011 7:55 am

I have never had trouble with an Ambassedeur bait caster. I use mine in fresh and salt. They require minimal maintenance, and work very well. If you fish bass, consider a 4600 size, with the narrow spool. Anything over 3/8 oz casts well with it. If I were buying one now, I'd buy the Record with the narrow spool. I have the wider Record and it is a great workhorse for bait fishing and fishing with larger lures. I've caught fish over 100 pounds with it in salt water and it is like new after about five years.

I like those Shimanos too, and have been looking for an excuse to buy one. Alas, that s the problem with good tackle, it seldom needs replacement.
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Re: WHY!!!!

Postby aka anglinarcher » Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:02 am

LOL - it is possible you got three lemons. Still, I know what you mean.

Remember that even good brands have cheep and poor quality reals in their line-up, for guys that don't fish that much.

I am trying to figure out how I can paint one of my good reals to look like a poor quality real my wife got me. The real my wife bought was NOT what I would have pruchased and it sounds like an old style coffee grinder, with rock in it. :cry: How do you toss out a gift without upsetting a great wife? LOL
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