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Lodge Management Team

Postby BarkingTarpon » Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:29 pm

I have been a fan of yours for many years and I am surprised that I didn't think about contacting you sooner. As one of the world's most traveled anglers, you may know of a lodge that is in need of some help. My name is Ernie Paquette and my wife Debra and I are available for assignment as a husband and wife, lodge management or director of fishing/executive chef team. Thirty plus year veterans of the hospitality industry, Deb and I have owned ZOLA, Nashville, Tennessee’s best restaurant for the past thirteen years. In 2004, GOURMET Magazine named us as one of the top 60 restaurants in the United States. The sale of the restaurant was complete on January 31, 2010. It has been very rewarding, with national recognition and my wife being named “Nashville’s Best Chef” seventeen times in our twenty-eight years here in Music City.
I have also owned Nashville’s oldest fly fishing and light tackle guide service since 1987. My guiding experience stretches back over thirty years, beginning as a deck hand for my father in the early ‘70’s, on his weekend striper charter boat on Cape Cod. Since then, I’ve lobstered, scalloped and tuna fished commercially. I’ve guided for landlocked striped bass and hybrids, smallmouth bass, trout, walleye and destination guided for steelhead and salmon, tarpon and redfish, on both fly and conventional tackle. For eight years I was a producer for Tennessee’s Wildside TV show. You can see my somewhat outdated bio at: www.tnwildside.org/stories.asp?Guide=Ernie+Paquette
I enjoy sightfishing the flats or billfishing. I can set a decent trolling spread offshore and love the bait and switch game of blue water fly fishing. Even though we have been landlocked for almost three decades, each year I spend at least two weeks on the ocean, honing and maintaining my saltwater skills. A USCG Licensed Captain with an Assist Towing endorsement, I spent the summer of 2010 on Cape Cod, running a striped bass and bluefin tuna charter boat. It was a tough summer, with incredibly high water temps, but I ended up the season with 4 BFTs from 420-610 lbs. BTW, I really enjoyed your show with Patrick Sebile, striper fishing out of Pamet Harbor on the Cape.
Married for twenty-six years, but young at heart, we’ve heard that the reliability of a husband and wife team is an asset to a remote operation. Debra inspires great loyalty among her employees and peers. Being the owner and GM of a restaurant with annual sales of over a million dollars and twenty-plus employees, has taught me a lot about people, while commercial fishing at a young age taught me how to work. I am also a certified sommelier, teach wine classes and am semi-fluent in Spanish. Most of all, the two of us understand hospitality and customer service.
Despite the depth of our resumes, we are humble, hardworking and take direction well. We are at your service, should you know of an opening for a team like us. All of our affairs are in order and we are 75% packed. We have our health certificates and the police background checks necessary for work visas. Thanks so much for your time. Love the show!

Debra and Ernie Paquette
1116 Kingston Springs Rd.
Kingston Springs, TN 37082

Cell. 615-293-1710 Home 615-952-5144
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Re: Lodge Management Team

Postby dahlberg » Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:21 am

sounds like you're quite a team. Over the years I've been lots of places, but at the moment can't think of any off hand who are looking for a team.
You might try a small ad in the IGFA newsletter, or directly contacting the lodges that advertise there.
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