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Top Water Bluefin Fishing

Postby jig42na » Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:05 am

Hey Larry, I've been looking for an email to send this to you that way but I was unsuccessful so I'l put this into here. I actually have been here many times reading about lure making and such but I registered today and actually wrote this all out and when I posted it was gone. So here is my second attempt, LOL.

Anyway for the last several years we have been having some major schools of bluefin tuna and we are also seeing 3 different year class schools. As of recent it is not uncommon to catch bluefin over 200lbs on spin gear using top water lures. From the end of May to Turkey Day in Nov we have literally a daily top feed of some sort. Last year we had extreme water temps in Aug so it was one of the weakest Aug we have had, but prior to that the fishing was outstanding. The key to this fishery is proper angling techniques from cast accuracy and reading the fish, to setting the hook, and then fighting the fish. The boat operator is also equally important if not more. If the tuna are pursued improper like chasing from down wind then the tuna will never feed properly.

The gear that we use are typically Shimano Stellas in the 10k (with 16k spool), 18k, and 20k models. Rods are a little over 8foot to mid 7 foot range and can handle drag pressures up to 25-30lbs. I typically start out at 18lbs drag and then increase as needed while the fish settles in, we also palm the spools for extra support. Popular baits are stick baits that are just subsurface or surface, also surface sliders like a spook shape that walks the dog are all great baits. True poppers work but are not the best choice, although the yellowfin love them. Another key bait that I would not be seen without is soft baits, ranging from 10-14" with a slim profile and a lot of wiggle. We toss them out weightless with Owner Jobu hooks or rigged with 1-3 oz lead head that we made a mold for using a Owner jobu hook and thru wire.

I'd love to see you try this wonderful fishery we have, and invite you to fish with me on my regulator center console, or aboard one of my friend captains. We network as a team to find the fish and work them together. But like anywhere you fish there are also some "unaware" fishers out there and it can hurt the fishing. Believe it or not the crowds are not bad, especially on the weekdays.

Please contact me at or if you would be interested in trying this out. I never reached out to a fishing legend / fishing tv star before but I thought I'd give it a try. I watch your shows when I can and I can tell you would like this type of fishing. We have whales almost daily showing their mating skills, cod and stripers daily, and then the BFT.

Oh yeh, I still remember as a kid tying my first Dahlberg Diver and catching walleye in my local PA stream at night on the fly!! Thanks Larry for helping me with my addiction of fishing and my obsession with lure design and tackle tweaking!!!!
PS-My attempt at showing some pics. If watching BFT feeds and chasing them on top doesn't not raise you blood pressure then you are not alive!!!!LOL!!!

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Re: Top Water Bluefin Fishing

Postby dahlberg » Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:13 am

Hi Travis
Thanks for taking the time and effort to muscle through cyber space!
I'd love to do a topwater bluefin show and will put your contact info in my folder.
Again, thank you for your kind offer!
Larry Dahlberg
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Re: Top Water Bluefin Fishing

Postby emanon » Sun Feb 13, 2011 9:18 am

and if i'm not mistaken, that would bring you to the new jersey coast!....we'd love to host you....and it's not all newark etc! can be absolutely one of the nicest places to fish if you know where and when....and i'm sure there is no shortage of people here who will be stoked to do so for you.....catch 'em up!
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