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Friend Missing at Sea Need Help Urgently

PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 8:54 pm
by BobMac
This is not a joke. My friend Joe Dunsavage is missing off the coast of Roatan Honduras. This will be his 4th night in the water if he hasn't made landfall. The USNavy and Honduran authorities are doing an open sea search, but no joy after 3 days of searching. We have hired private planes to join the search. His drift path should land him somewhere between La Ceiba and Tela on the northern coast of Honduras. IF YOU HAVE ANY CONTACTS IN THIS AREA - CALL ME IMMEDIATELY 215-840-1956. We need charter captains, guides, dive services, etc. to search the coastline and beached. I SAY AGAIN - THIS IS NOT A JOKE...the life of my longtime fishing buddy is on the line now.