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Mr. Whiggley rigging and repair questions

PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 6:46 pm
by oh ok
Hi Larry,

I just received a few Mr Whiggley's and love what is possible with them. Haven't hooked up but some heart stopping follows and one overzealous eagle that showed me my fastest burn retrieve to get away is still no match for him if he realllly wanted it.

So I am chasing large striper and running 40# and 60# mono leader to braid. I tie a figure 8 knot to the split ring connected to the hook, I allow the hook to swing free. I believe the tag end although I cut it what I feel is dangerously short has cut the area around the tube so the tube is separated from the body on the belly side. I cut the leader and Whiggley off and ran straight braid for a "softer" knot to not cause more damage to that Whiggley until I asked you about it and tied on another. Is there another knot you'd recommend? Or kinda gotta deal with it? The tag couldn't have been more than 1/8" long and kept thinking if I hook up and that knot thinks about slipping it's over hahahaha.

I started using the other Whiggley and after a few hours of fishing it began to split again at the tube that runs through the bait even though this was on the braid only rig. I totally get nature of the beast. It's heavy. I'm casting far. So here's my next question, what glue do you recommend? Superglue to glue the harness back to the body? Or something like Huddlebond or Mend-it soft bait glue? Or something I don't even know about?

Again I can't say enough how fun they are to throw. Definite change of pace and can't want to hook up.


Re: Mr. Whiggley rigging and repair questions

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:39 am
by dahlberg
hi jess
it's normal for a little tearing to occur around the tube but should not be an issue. It's due to stretch and the very thin skin at that point. Any glue used for plastisol lures should be fine. I've not had good results with super glue.
If you're getting follows and not bites, you might try a heavier hook or adding a 1/4-1/2 oz egg sinker ahead of the nose. Keep your tip low and burn, then dead stop followed by a series of short twitches usually fires them up into biting.
In terms of line and a knot, I use 60 lb hard mono and a three turn uni knot. Either that or a crimp.
good luck,

Re: Mr. Whiggley rigging and repair questions

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2014 8:55 am
by oh ok
Thanks for the fast reply! Would have checked back sooner but figured you're beyond busy.

I will try the triggering tips and report back. Just ordered 3 more packs to stock up when the fall bite/run starts to turns on