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tarpon rigging

Postby Chris J » Sun Oct 29, 2006 10:12 am

I am planning a trip to Mazanillo Costa Rica in spring of 07 for tarpon, am wondering what grain lines to bring and how long should the leader be for this type of fishing? Was the diver the most productive fly for this set up? Also how many pounds of drag do you recomend, do you change the drag after the initial runs and the fish is in close or do you trap the line on the cork with hand pressure? Thank you in advance Chris
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Postby dahlberg » Tue Oct 31, 2006 6:03 am

There are something like 3 river mouths to fish there. If the surf is calm you can catch tarpon rolling in the surf or actually up in the river mouth by using standard tarpon flies on floating lines (or better "slime" lines which are neutral and get less sticky in hot weather) and 9' leaders.
If blind casting, and swinging a fly across current where the river water meets the surf there are times a sinking line would be an advantage.
Set your drag at about 3 pounds and use your palm, thumb, or what ever is handy to slow the fish more than that. Pull hard when they slow down or stop. Don't try and stop them when they've blasted off. You can't with 20# tippet and a flyrod.
Dont try trapping the line on the cork, you'll burn your fingers. Just put steady, gradual pressure on the line in the spool. I use the middle and index fingers of my "cranking" hand.
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