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Your Craziest Musky Story

PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2011 3:01 pm
Just wondering what your craziest musky story is?

I had seen a huge musky (50"+) over a point where 2 decent sized rivers joined... I had seen her 3 years in a row - but only early AM (before 6:00) before boat traffic really picked up on the river. My brother and I would approach "the spot" where she'd come in to feed and cast over the point. We only got her to follow one time. Within 2 or 3 minutes of her following one of my homemade baits to the boat - we saw her take down a duck about 30 yards away. I don't think it was a full-grown duck but it wasn't a little duckling either.

I never caught that fish (because I have never caught one that big) but I did catch a few smaller muskies in that area… and lots of pike, too.

I’d love to hear any “crazy” musky stories you may have… I am a musky junky.

Re: Your Craziest Musky Story

PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:27 pm
by Mcfish
Hey, here is one for you. I was respooling my baitcaster with 14lb mono on my braid rod rather than braid. I usually use 65# Power Pro, but I had never hooked a fish where I had needed it. I am a Bass Junkie, like you are for Musky. But I love to fish Tiger Musky in a lake nearby. I bought a few super shad raps and large jerkbaits and heard firetiger was a good color for the lake I was fishing. I went, and tied it on to my 14lb mono, and casted it to try it out. It was running about 15ft and swimming very nicely. I try for a real long cast (my 3rd cast) and almost de-spooled it was so far. All of the sudden, BOOM a monster 50" Tiger struck and I set the hooks at least 3 times. I play her to the bank, and when she gets there she panicks and runs. I had one good look at her and next thing I know, SNAP. My trophy was gone. I was using wire leader and drag was low, yet she snapped my brand new $20 jerkbait off. next time, I will plan what rod I use better. Fishing can break your heart, and give you thrills at the same time. The funny thing is, 2 months later I was catfishing with my grandpa and landed a 40lb blue cat on the same 14lb mono line. No wire leader. and it measured 42". Wish I could add a pic.

Re: Your Craziest Musky Story

PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:54 am
Great story, MCFish. It sounds like you hooked a real trophy (50" Tiger is HUGE). You'll get her next time!

Re: Your Craziest Musky Story

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 7:25 pm
by mark_odegard
I was just recently out with a buddy of mine before sunrise, and the dewpoint was really high so everything was soaked with dew. He's got a Trinidad 16DC, and when the dew collects on it, the chip acts up and he gets backlashes like crazy. So he was on about his tenth consecutive backlash, and I looked over at him to crack a smart remark when a muskie came up and slowly slurped my whopper plopper (great bait, by the way). I never heard the fish eat the bait, and it made a hard power run with the bait in it's mouth and caught me completely off guard. The rod/reel was slippery because of the dew, and combine that with the sneak attack strike, and the rod slid way too far forward in my hand for me to have a good grip. Like any excited muskie angler, I pounded into the fish with a hookset (and I actually got a very solid hookset), but that was immediately before the rod popped right out of my hands! I sat there looking at my floating rod, kicking myself for (assumedly) blowing my shot at this fish. When I reached down to grap the rod, it started slowly moving across the surface. When I picked it up, I still had the fish pinned, and about 3 minutes later I had a beautiful 46 incher in the net.


P.S.: I caught this fish on what might as well be referred to as the "Dahlberg Special." A Curado 300 DSV, an 8' heavy action teramar rod, 65 pound power pro, and a whopper plopper. I just realized this while I was typing the story so I thought I'd throw it in there. :)

Re: Your Craziest Musky Story

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:45 am
by Brian
This isn't really a muskie catch story, but it may fit in. I was fishing with a few of my friends along a small/medium sized medium/fast flowing river in mid spring a few years ago. We were in an area where the water slows down and eddies into a large pool. There was one kid that was with us that wasn't exactly what you would call an outdoorsman. We were just spending the afternoon/evening catfishing, and wouldn't you know it, he got the first bite on an uneventful day. He picked up the rod about half way up the shaft and kind of pulled quickly straight up with one hand. He had this look on his face like "eww, don't let the line touch my $80 shirt" Ha Ha!!. He then held the rod straight out far away from his body and reeled it in with his thumb and pointer finger. We kind of ribbed him on his "fish fighting" techniques as he got the smallish fish close to shore, and just then, out of nowhere, we noticed a large wake coming up behind the fish and "SPLASH!!!" I caught a quick glimpse of a Muskie which must have been around 40 inches making a swirl at the fish he had hooked. It must have thrown water 4 ft in the air, and just as it did the kid let out a yelp and nearly dropped the rod :lol: !!! The fish he had on was a small rockbass, and it had a few teeth marks across its back and was dying, so I threw together a ranshackle rig with a large hook and leader, and tried to get the fish's interest again, but no luck. This was the funniest thing I had seen fishing since I watched a drunk guy yelling and screaming that he was fighting "A Giant", as he said, from a pier on the Outer Banks, which turned out to be a pair of blue jeans that was being pulled on by the current. :lol: As it turns out, we needed the humor as my good friend ended up catching his hand and arm on fire with lantern fuel later that evening and ended up having to jump in the river. Led to a trip to the ER with second and third degree burns. OUCH!

Happy fishing

Re: Your Craziest Musky Story

PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:35 am
by MuskieTom
I was fishing with my father for bluecats. We were using cut white perch bottom rigged. As we were waiting for a bite a boat passed by, trolling lures. I told my father they were probably trolling for muskie and I asked if he would ever join me sometime to go for them. He said that he didnt like odds of catching them since I had only caught two after going for them several dozen times. Then a minute later we get a light tap on the line and i walk over to the rod and quickly reel, thinking it's a pest bullhead( since bluecats strike with a vengance). To my suprise the rod loads fully, starts peeling drag(20 mono) and out of the water jumps a huge musky. GRAB THE NET!!!! After a 2 minute fight and much hyperventalation we landed her, Took a quick pic and got her swimming again. My father was speachless.

Re: Your Craziest Musky Story

PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:36 am
by MuskieTom