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Inept bumbler has good time anyway

PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:36 am
by Questor
Mr. Dahlberg:

Does Mille Lacs have bluegills in it? What's the best way to catch panfish in that lake without venturing far offshore in my little boat?

I have avoided Mille Lacs because I just never had an interest in walleye or the crowds attracted by them, but I did see a nice stretch of blue-gilly looking shore there while driving past the lake this spring and thought I'd go there one day to fish for bluegills.

I went Sunday and never did catch any bluegills. I used my usual techniques for 'gills and didn't catch any panfish at all. But I did catch several very nice smallmouth bass. One about 4 pounds, another about 5 pounds, and one behemoth of about 7 pounds. Several others ranged from about 1.25 to about 2.5 pounds. I've caught some nice smallies before, but these fish were amazingly strong for their size. This was fine consolation indeed for not finding bluegills.

Judging from what I eventually found in the shallows, it's a perch lake with relatively few bluegills in it. Shoulda done my homework before going to the lake.

As always, thank you for your time. I have learned a lot from you and really appreciate your having this forum.

By the way, I finally did get a Gibson 335 and a Mesa 5:25 tube amp. Boy, that's nice. I really prefer the Gibson fretboard to others I have used.