Summer cats in lakes

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Summer cats in lakes

Postby Cottonrage » Tue May 19, 2009 11:48 pm

Hey Larry im a young angler from north texas. Fishing is my life ive been addicted since My grandmother got me on to a 5 pound stripper at lake texoma when i was 4. I love your show and forms. In my opinion your one of the greatest anglers that has lived and have help progress fishing in amounts we all could never thank you for.

Well i need some help. I fish for catfish oftern in lakes in north texas durring summer and sometimes during winter. My biggest catch is 8 pounds. I use a 7 foot road 30 pound line and a abu real i forget the model. Bait is cut shad i catch with my throw net. I fish off of a dock and cast into the deepest water possible. The only luck ive had is at night. I catch a few every time i go and they are good eating. Blues channels and flatsheads but i need something that will burn off some drag and put up a fight and push the scale down a little more.

Please help!!

PS. I hate carp as well
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