2nd Musky Rod Suggestion

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2nd Musky Rod Suggestion

Postby Naterov » Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:14 am

Hi Larry,

Hello from southern Minnesota! The walleye bite is going well down here on the Mississippi right now.

Anyways, I was wondering if you had any suggestions/advice/feedback for me on a new musky rod. I'm newer to musky fishing, so this will be my second musky rod/reel. I recently purchased the Komodo 350 reel, so I now need a rod to go with it. I know there really isn't such a thing, but looking for something versatile, or multipurpose so to speak, to compliment my existing rig. I know it's always best to handle a rod in person before buying, but due to where I live, musky tackle isn't very common in area stores.

What I currently have is a 8'6" Cabelas Fish Eagle rated for 1.5-4oz lure, paired with a Abu Garcia 6601. It's worked well for me for lighter lures, and doubles nicely as a channel cat rod.

We have a trip planned to Lake Vermilion this fall, so I want something that can cast heavier lures and handle hard pulling baits. Here's where I could use your advice. If you were in my shoes, what type of rod action, lure weight rating would you look for in your 2nd rod? I was kind of thinking something in the 8' range rated for up to 10 or 12oz lure, but maybe should go heavier, maybe lighter - ? I don't have any plans on using Pounder Bulldawgs at this time. I'll probably end up filing reel with 80 or 100lb PowerPro line.

I was hoping to find something in the $150 range. A couple rods that I've found in that price range that look decent (at least online) are the Shimano Compre, Musky Innovations, and of course StCroix Premier.

Thoughts? Any recommendations?

Thanks Larry!

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Re: 2nd Musky Rod Suggestion

Postby dahlberg » Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:29 pm

I'd go with the premier, 8-8'6", xh.
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