Tennesee striper fishing show..aired here on 5/26/12

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Tennesee striper fishing show..aired here on 5/26/12

Postby gobbleholic » Sun May 27, 2012 12:44 pm

Larry, or whoever saw this show that I first caught the last 1/2 of on Saturday 5/26/12:

Had I known the content I would have DVR'd this entire show.
But as I'm switching channels I caught only the last 13 of it.

Larry was fishing below a dam and (of course) the video editing made it seem like they were yanking 10-20 # fish on every cast.
There was a mention that they'd tried trout (? not legal anywhere I've ever fished), but they were mostly using this custom orange colored soft plastic lure approx. 6 inches long.

Would you mind revealing the dam or river where you were fishing, puhlease?
Also what time of year was a bite like that happening?

I have a very serious illness and drool over the thought of getting that kind of fishing once in my life.

I would also like to commend Larry on releasing all the fish they caught.
Around here (Beaver in northern Arkansas for example) I see pic after pic over years of the guides hauling limits of fish in in the 25-40 pound class destined to the fillet knife.
I only guess to promote their services.
These kinds of catches destined to the fillet knife kinda make me ill:

Any further information about that specific show would be Greatly Appreciated.

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Re: Tennesee striper fishing show..aired here on 5/26/12

Postby dahlberg » Mon May 28, 2012 6:45 am

we were on the clinch river near knoxville in september. we really were catching doubles and triples nearly every cast!
I was using a commercially available lure called a wide glide (river2sea) and they were using a homemade bait of mine I call mr whiggley.

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Re: Tennesee striper fishing show..aired here on 5/26/12

Postby k9hyluvsfishing » Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:43 pm


I saw that show and we just passed over the Clinch coming home from Myrtle Beach area with our two harmonics. Man did I want to stop there and try to. Ha1 Try to pull a Larry off catching those. Quite impressed with that show. Oh! PS. Saw and nuclear waste truck to we passsed. Thought of that too that was in that show . Ha! We had to get back to enroll them for their Fall schooling. Personally, I think they would of gotten and quick education on the Clinch with a Mr. Whiggly and rod/reel to pull those in. Ha!

Hope you market multi- selectios of the Mr.Whiggly before long. But still, still I'd love to make those on my own too. I'm sure there is and inside feeling you get similar like and Olympic Champ seeing something you've created that could pull those huge lunkers out like that? Another Dahlberg diver similarity invention of yours truly there! Awesome! Same words my boy( 10') used when he saw that show awhile back when you pulled those stripers in Larry-AWESOME!
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Re: Tennesee striper fishing show..aired here on 5/26/12

Postby zactankersley » Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:44 pm

i have fished where they were at several times. never had the luck they did but we have hooked some nice ones and seen plenty. they also have musky that trun in there in the spring. my buddy got a 50 incher last spring there
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