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Postby steelysngr » Wed Sep 05, 2007 4:44 pm

hey larry, well as you know it's time for kings to come in now and i have been doing pretty well chucking spoons from shore and drifting flies through some of the rivers. just out of curiosity what is your favirote spoons for shore fishing and what are some of your favirote flys?

Thanks in advance and always good to hear from you,
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Postby dahlberg » Thu Sep 06, 2007 7:20 am

HI Steely,
Good question. My choice depends of course on the depth, current speed and casting requirments.
I like a selection of spoons that vary in shape from wide to thin and of different thicknesses so I can control their depth and speed as needed.
sometimes I swing them down and across, sometimes super erratic retrieve, sometimes steady, but one of my favorites on tough to catch fish is snap jigging. Cast up stream, give lure short sharp popping retrieve. Sometimes they clobber it when they ignore other lures.
Also like spinners.
Favorite design is Kastmaster, which is made from a piece of round stock steel cut at a bias to get various shapes and thicknesses. Width of end product determined by dia of stock. Brilliant!
My favorite fly is a deep wiggler fished in front of them, but what's most fun is to use big Mega divers in red/orange flashabou and big fly fiber on a slime line and swing it fast in front of big males when they get on the reds. THey think it's a Jack competing for the females and just absolutely blast the dickens out of it! I've had them charge it from 15 feet away. Really fun to watch compared to a little slurp and fin wiggle.
Have a great season.
Larry Dahlberg
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