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Really interesting fly tying product

Postby Questor » Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:21 am

I was at the Fly Angler in Blaine MN last night looking for $20 worth of fly line backing. ("Enthusiasm Tax" on it was about $60 because I just happened to find some other things I "needed".)

Anyway, one of the cool things I found was a package of 10 foam popper bodies, with matching hooks included made by Wapsi. The kit for the 2/0 saltwater poppers was $7, and the hooks are of very good quality. Truly sharp right out of the package. They also had some bluegill sized poppers with really nice sized hooks. Check these out. All you have to do is wrap some thread around the hook shank, glue it together, put on a tail and you're done. You could paint it, but they are white already, so you probably don't need to paint it.

The bluegill sized kit is really interesting because I have a hard time finding commercial poppers that have a hook large enough. The hooks in this kit look like the right size.

For the saltwater poppers I'll be using some sparkly white silicone strands and opalescent white synthetic hair for a tail, then gluing on a single 3/8 inch prismatic stick-on eye spot on the bottom of the fly. Should give the impression of a 3.5" dying finger mullet.
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