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Mr Wiggle

PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:45 pm
by oldguide47
I've tried studying your show and also looking on the internet about your ol faithful Mr. Wiggle. I'm sure you made it yourself, and I have loved watching your various shows about lure making and lure history. My question is how it's never seem to tear it or lose it and I see a fish hooked and the plastic sliding up the line. What I really like about the lure, aside from it's lifelike appearance is that the head stays still as the body undulates (sp), much as a fish swims, and definately not like crankbaits and swimbaits with bills where the whole body goes back and forth very unnaturally. Can you please clue me in, and also I'm really glad their is a forum like this to get answers. You are one of a kind, thanks for everything you do for us fisherman. Tim