line diameter and spool capacity

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line diameter and spool capacity

Postby Duke4190 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:13 pm

Just got a new reel and line capacity is vague.I need to run mono this weekend due to the dogwood trees shedding this month.Reel manufacture states 14lb @ 190yds/20lb @ 120yds.I need some good mono in the 150yrd refill pack.Any help would be amazing.16 or 18lb mono would be great.
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Re: line diameter and spool capacity

Postby aka anglinarcher » Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:37 pm

Duke, your question is one of the oldest questions of much line will my reel hold?

Facts are that if you took brand A, type 1, mono and put 190 yards of 14 pound Mono on your reel, you would probably either be underspooled, or if your mono is cheap, way over-spooled. The same is of course true for any line, and any reel.

I prefer reels (very few reels have this) where they say it will take X yards of a specific diameter of line. As I am sure you just figured out that not all 10 pound lines have the same diameter. Worse yet, not all brands will give you the true line diameter, but the average largest diameter. The higher the quality of the line, the more uniform the diameter of the line.

In your case, you can try the following link, but go down to imperial calculations. ... estimator/

Last, get a refill spool that holds a little more then you think. Like I said, most line diameters given are the largest average, not the overall average, so most reels will take a bit more than advertised.

Or, call your local fishing shop (Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman's Warehouse, etc.) and see if they spool lines for you. Many shops now spool line for you for the cost of the line. This way you get the exact amount of line you want/need, with no waste.
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