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Postby Fomen38 » Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:45 pm

Larry or Mike,

I recently purchased some of the AlumiUV (UV cured) casting resin. I see that it cures best by using a UV light with a frequency of 365nm. My current set up uses 2, 48" T8 fluorescent black light bulbs that operate at a combined wattage of 64, and a frequency of 368nm in the color spectrum. The difference seems negligible. Will this be fine for curing the AlumiUV product, or do I need to buy light bulbs that are 365nm on the dot?

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Re: AlumiUV

Postby dahlberg » Fri Dec 30, 2016 6:45 am

The search for the perfect, easy to obtain, inexpensive UV light remains an active issue with me. I've had pretty good success with a set up consisting of a pair of double bulb four foot 40W UV bulbs I bought at Menards set up horizontally facing each other about 8 inches apart. A light coat on a rod wrap takes around a half hour.
I've got a couple other lights that are supposed to be 365 wavelength but are lower wattage, like 5W. They work ok and take 15 minutes or so if I position them as close as possible.
I'd suggest giving the lights you have a try, and as I said, position the work as close as possible to them.
I've also had great success putting a finished piece out doors in the sun! Another really good method that prevents dripping and accelerates curing time is to suspend the piece in water inside a clear container and put the light source against the sides of the container!
Let us know how it works out. Ive been using it for a couple of years now and rarely used mixed clear coat any more. Been using the same brush for over a year without ever cleaning it!
good luck, happy new year!
Larry Dahlberg
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Re: AlumiUV

Postby aka anglinarcher » Fri Jan 06, 2017 11:24 am

Great topic. I purchased a UV fingernail polish curing device. I set it on its back and hang the lure in it. With this device I can hang the lure for about 30 seconds facing the light, rotate it and do it again, then you won't get drips or runs. Then I let it hang for about 3 minutes with each side facing the light and it is done. That means in about 7 minutes or so it is done. But...... 5" is about the longest lure I can do.

Like Larry, I have hung it in the sun and got great results.

I just love AlumiUV. :P
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