1st Speck on Whopper Plopper!

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1st Speck on Whopper Plopper!

Postby Capt Dave Sipler » Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:40 pm

I was bombing my Wide Glide into the first light of the morning along the bank of the St. Johns river on a high tide.
High water, first light........magic!

Not another boat in sight, also magic. Actually, a Magic Monday. Everyone else was at work. I was doing R&D for a Wednesday charter.

2.5-3 feet of water, over a few broke off piling and some scattered oysters.

The surface bite was incredible. The Trout were wacking the plugs at boatside, following, fallowing and then exploding.

If I actually had the hook-ups hold on every strike, I would have had 20 Trout in the boat in about an hour. But they'd fly out of the water missing the plug, so I'd trick them into going after it again, and again......and then I'd get maybe 6 into the cooler.

The wide-glide as I reported before is my BIG Ticket lure. Even in the middle of the day, they sky-rocket that plug.

But, to keep them from getting "GUN -SHY", I had another rod rigged up with my Whopper-Plopper. And first cast,

PHOTOS: http://blockurl99.blogspot.com/2012/08/813-monday-morningsloveem.html

I found that iratic plopping, worked better then a straight run and plop, like Musky men would do.

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